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Reclaiming Derelict Land


Here you will find out more about derelict land.

Derelict land caused by mining!

What exactly is derelict land?

Any article of abandoned property which has been damaged and cannot be put to any use until the damage has been repaired is derelict land.


What is derelict land caused by?

Natural disasters like Forest fires, Landslides, Tsunami, Volcanic eruptions.

Human activities like Poor farming, Mining and not reclaiming the area.




'Can we fix it?'

'Yes we can!'


Derelict land can be repaired and restored through:


Fertilizers. (compounds given to plants with the intention of promoting growth; usually applied either via the soil, for uptake by plant roots)


Irrigation. (the replacement or supplementation of water from an artificial source in order to grow crops)




Land that has been made derelict by mining is damaged more extensively and need more effort to be restored.

  1.  Waste heaps need to be leveled out.
  2.  Mining heaps need to be filled up.
  3. Chemicals is used to treat the contaminated soil.
  4. New vegetation is then planted to protect against soil erosion.