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What is empoldering?

Empoldering normally refers to the creation of polders

What is a polder?

Polder-Dutch word for reclaimed land
A polder is a piece of land in a low-lying area reclaimed from a body of water by building dikes and by drainage.Polders normally constitute areas of land reclaimed from a body of water, such as the lake or the sea, and are consequently below the surrounding water level.

Features of a polder

  • Polders are enclosed by dikes to keep out sea or river water from flowing in.The dikes also serve to protect the polder from erosion.
  • Polders are continually maintained by systems of drainage canals and pumps which prevent the water level in the polder from being too high.In fact,many of the windmills you see in The Netherlands are used to pump water from the polders so as to keep the amount of water in the soil for cultivation.