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Land Reclamation in Singapore


Why the need for land reclamation?

Reasons for land reclamation in Singapore


        Land Scarcity

o       Population is about 4 million

o       Population density is about 6000 persons per square kilometers

        Population growth

o       Results in growing industries and businesses

o       Spatial constraints


More land has been made available for

  • building more homes in private and public housing estates and recreational facilities for the growing population
  • expanding commercial and industrial activities and transport needs, including roads, expressways, the Mass Rapid Transit System, the port and airport facilities.

By 1990, the total land area of Singapore was 633 square kilometers. This was an increase of 51.5 square kilometers, which made up 8.9% the total land area. With continuing land reclamation, Singapore's land area will increase by about another 100 square kilometers by the year 2030. There are, however, constraints as to how much more land the country can reclaim. Two limiting factors have to be considered.

  • Land reclamation works in the past used to be carried out from depths of 5-10m. Today, reclamation works have to venture into depper waters of 15m or so and this will incur much higher costs.
  • It is also not so viable to pursue pushing reclamation further offshore because there is the competing need to maintiain the sealanes and provide new and larger ports for the bigger ships to anchor in Singapore's limited sea space.

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