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Land Reclamation In Singapore


How does Singapore reclaim land?

The Landfill Method


  • Singapore uses this method to reclaim land from the coast and the swamps. It is also used in reclamation works involving the merging of islands.
  • There are five main stages.
    • Piles are first forced into the seabed to make it stable.
    • These piles ensure that the land will not collapse when put into use.
    • A sand wall is then built to keep sea water out.
    • Sand stored at the sea is sucked up
    • Sand fills enclosed area and spread around the area
    • Sand is compressed
    • Granite wall built to prevent soil erosion by waves
    • Vegetation and trees are grown to prevent soil erosion
    • Land ready for used in 1 to 5 years
  • In the early years, the fill materials evacuated from the hills in Bedok, Siglap, Tampines and Jurong were used for filling the reclamation areas, which is why Singapore is virtually flat now. In recent years, sea sand obtained from the seabed is the main source of fill materials for reclamation. The reclamation contractors import the sea sand from the neighbouring countries such as Indonesia.

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