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Land Reclamation

What is Land Reclamation?
Land reclamation is of two different types. One involves a change from an area's natural state, the other restoring an area to a more natural state. The first one can refer to creating dry land from an area covered by water, such as a sea, lake or swamp, while the second one can refer to bringing the land, damaged from natural or human causes, back into use for growing trees or agricultural crops.

Why do we need to reclaim land?
There are three main reasons why we need to reclaim land.
  • Land may be damaged by natural disasters.
  • Human activities such as mining or poor farming practices can also result in land being damaged. Such land needs to be restored before it can be put to use again.
  • In some countries, it is impossible to find land to restore or reclaim because of a bad case of land scarcity.

However, most importantly, we reclaim land to increase the amount of usable land.

Benefits of Land Reclamation
Land reclamation increases the area of usable land. With the amount of usable land increased, the land can now support more people. Land reclamation is a solution to the problem of overcrowding. It allows further growth of the country's industries as there is now space for them to expand.
Reclaimed land can be used for any purpose. It can be used for agriculture, building houses, schools, offices, factories and roads, as well as recreational purposes.

How do we reclaim land?
There are many different ways to reclaim land, and the method we use to reclaim land depends on the type of land we want to reclaim.
In our website, we will show you four different methods of reclaiming land:

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